Life at RIIM Pune By Khushabu Lahoti

College Overview

College environment was very innovative,all staff with friendly nature ,innovative ideas ,organized festivals for all cultures wise &they organized induction function so that we can knowing each other .
I think improving part only placements because marketing student placed but finance placements not good.

Faculties Quality and their way of teaching

My experience was nice with staff because my all teachers were friendly nature and RIIM provided best lecturer in Pune that they were also teaching in top colleges ,so all faculties were highly educated and they taught by many systematic ideas and new activities

Internship Details

I am from finance so my internship did not provide from college ,but maximum 2 to 3 companies visiting for internship ,but placements department help to all students they gave many companies to students so they want to do interview outside.
I selected Kirtane Pandit Chartered Accountant LLP,Pune my work was totally data research analysis .I worked 2 month that company and my experience like I thought I worked in CA company because they all were help me and providing more ideas,so I learned excel, GST & corporate environment which I will be follow my job.

Your Hostel life and Mess facilities

Hostel Life for girls was very safe and peaceful because we can choose our room by self,and we can live with 2 girls or 3 girls.
Security facility also provided for boys and girls both so it’s very helpful for 1 year .after 1 year we can change but 1 year it’s compulsory and in hostel they are providing water cooler,cleaning maid,and induction so we can make breakfast when we are hungry.
Mess facilities also good because they were providing tea,breakfast ,lunch and dinner and all weeks changing food so it’s different for all us.and in Sunday they providing non-veg and veg food so we enjoyed more.

Final Placement Details

Yes,college helped to get job,I already told that marketing placements 100% providing and finance placements 60%and HR placements 50% because in market we also knowing finance related below companies instead of marketing. I got selected Eclerx Services company it’s MNC company and I got placements from college .in college minimum package 3 lakh to 16 lakh.

Would you recommend this college to others?

Yes, I am overall satisfied with this college

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