Group Discussion Topics 2022

Here is the list of some hot topics related to WAT and Essay Writing

  1. UP elections.
  2. India bans 54 more Chinese origin apps
  3. Bad bank – good or bad idea?
  4. Kolkata municipal elections
  5. India whitewash West Indies in both T20 and ODI
  6. Hijaab in schools Right or Wrong
  7. Central bank digital currency
  8. Covid – 19
  9. Punjab elections
  10. OTT Vs Theater
  11. Is India ready for 5g?
  12. India after post Covid
  13. Electric Cars advantages and disadvantages
  14. Should people invest in crypto currency?
  15. Cashless economy
  16. Work from home. Adv or disadv
  17. Captaincy Of Rohit Sharma
  18. Metaverse
  19. Indian Economy after covid
  20. Goa elections
  21. India’s best trading partner
  22. India’s PLI Schemes for MSMEs
  23. Mob Lynching
  24. Role of social media in Indian politics
  25. Bullet trains in India: pros and cons
  26. Make in India vs Make for India
  27. Crimes against women in India
  28.  Is India becoming intolerant?
  29. Government policies over Jammu and Kashmir
  30.  One belt one road – Impact on India
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