Top 30 Topics For WAT & Essay Writing in 2022

Here is the list of some hot topics related to WAT and Essay Writing.

  1. PLI  for MSMEs
  2. Indian trade with USA
  3. India after post covid
  4. Governments steps against terrorism
  5. Digital currency
  6. Electrical vehicles in India
  7. India’s dependency over china
  8. Crypto currency
  9. Higher Education versus skill acquisition
  10. Net Zero Carbon Emission
  11. Organic Farming in India
  12. FDI in Defence sector
  13. Banking sector slowdown
  14. Cut in Corporate taxes Good or Bad
  15. Cashless Economy
  16. Climate change
  17. Effect of industry 4.0
  18. Privatization of Government Sectors
  19. Banking scams
  20. Will petrol and Diesel come under GST?
  21. Is MBA necessary to be successful in Business?
  22. Environmental issue
  23. What is ‘One Sun, One World and One Grid’?  
  24. Block chain Technology  – Pros and Cons
  25. Impact of coronavirus on the tourism industry.
  26. Indian economic slowdown reasons
  27. Impacts of Global Warming
  28. Challenges for higher education in India
  29. Bank mergers in India
  30. Chinese Apps Ban In India
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