Difference between MBA and PGDM

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management; whereas MBA is Masters in Business Administration. Both the course have different specializations.

For all those who wish to build a career in a senior managerial position knowing the difference between these two courses in the beginning.

Before you rush to take the entrance tests and fill the application forms for your dream institute, it is important that you get the basics sorted out.

So, let us see MBA and PGDM up close.

  1. Diploma Degree
  2. Accreditation Check
  3. Syllabus and Curriculum
  4. The focus of the Course
  5. Expenses
  6. Innovative Teaching Methods
  7. Entrance Examinations
  8. Ranking

MBA vs. PGDM – Impact on Your Career

Now, let us take a deeper look by dividing the career impact of these courses into two sub parts, i.e. higher education perspective and jobs perspective.

Starting with higher education perspective; yes, there is a major difference. Acquiring an MBA degree helps the individual to get a little more value when compared to a diploma.

MBA gets the individual marked against the master’s degree; while the PGDM gets the individual marked against a diploma. But that is no way relatable to the industrial success record of students or the difference in knowledge that is imparted in the institutes!

And with the perspective of getting a job, there is not any major difference at all. Securing a placement with a top company in the industry is bound to be a cakewalk if the individual comes from a reputed business school in India.

Here it is important to note that the factor which makes all the difference is the infrastructure of the institute that comprises the faculty, as well as the teaching methodology. Besides, the track record and reputation of the institute is also what differentiates it from the rest. Hence, needless to say, a degree or diploma from a well-reputed institute would always be valued more for obvious reasons!

Hence, if you are looking to build a successful career path in the field of management, it barely matters that which course you choose. All that matters is the institute that you go for, therefore think practically at the time of finalizing institute for your management course.

Admission to MBA vs PGDM Colleges

While there may be quite a few differences between MBA and PGDM courses, the admission process to both largely remains the same. Candidates have to appear for a management entrance exam and then go through the GD/PI round of the respective colleges for final selection. The exams accepted for admission to MBA and PGDM colleges are also the same or similar.

Candidates who are interested in taking admission to MBA or PGDM colleges must fill up the application form of the respective college.

MBA vs PGDM- What To Choose

We have provided all the major difference between both these programs in this article. You can read the differences between them before choosing one. Some of the important factors that you can consider while choosing between PGDM and MBA are fee structure and curriculum. The curriculum of the PGDM is more focused on practical knowledge while the major percentage of the curriculum of MBA includes theoretical concepts of management. 

While preparing for CAT and other such MBA entrance exams, you must ensure that you put in the best of your efforts in order to secure a good score in the exam. The entrance exam score is important but is not the sole criteria for admissions in top MBA or PGDM colleges of the country. The management institutes usually conduct further screening through a GD (Group Discussion), PI (Personal Interview) and WAT (Written Ability Test) rounds in which the shortlisted candidates should perform well in order to save a spot in the respective MBA/PGDM college. Learn more about the topics and tips for the GD, PI and WAT rounds here.

Last Updated: 08 Dec 2020

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