Refer and Earn Program

At Westawk we have refer and earn program, which means you can earn along with learning. The best way to get your pocket money directly from Westawk rather than asking your parents

How is this possible?

Refer your friend to join our platform and at the end if you and your friend both get into their dream B-School , Westawk will offer you earning.

How much I am going to earn?

So you will be earning as follows:

How much you will be earningAmountHow much your friend will getAmount
Referring 1-4 Friends5000 per friendYour friends will get 5000
Referring 5-9 Friends7000 per friendYour friends will get5000
Referring 10-14 Friends10000 per friendYour friends will get5000
Referring 15-19 Friends15000 per friendYour friends will get5000
Referring 20-24 Friends20000 per friendYour friends will get5000
Referring 25+25000 per friendYour friends will get5000

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is exclusive applicable for Westawkin . Outsiders referring will not be considered.
  2. Refer and earn is applicable only if both, the referrer and the referee take admission.
  3. This is applicable only for those colleges which are available in our portable
  4. Payment will be done after admission process is completed
  5. This platform is applicable for both Westawk Pro and Westawk Elite program

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