Process to apply in a particular B-School

Process to apply in a particular B-school – We have our excellent expert team to get you through this tough journey and make your struggle more easier. What our strategy is to take a small test of our students and understand the candidate’s requirement also his /her strong and weak areas, and accordingly let them to connect with the Best B-school as per their preferences. Before that we prepare our students for the small interview round and Personal Interaction with the college’s management to get them a better result.

4 Steps to apply in a B-School via Westawk Portal

Step 1: Visit our B-school Website , Click Here

Step 2: Create an account and fill up the common application form.

Step 3: Select the B-School you wish to apply.

Step 4: Make the payment and get the confirmation over email.

That’s it, you will get the confirmation from college within 24-48 hours that your application has been received successfully.

Looking for Admissions in Top B-Schools, but don’t know how to begin the journey of searching the best MBA College?

We at Westawk created a Funnel called “Unique Filtration System” which will help you to shortlist the best B-School in the country, our 4 proven steps tested over hundreds of students helped them to get best B-schools, Watch training and book an appointment with experts.

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